Frontier Pilot Simulator Wiki

Control configuration in FPS is currently a little complicated, but it’s powerful.

Assigning Controls[ | ]

  1. Hardware Config and Selection
  2. Control Set Selection
  3. Mappings
  4. Control Mode Shifting (advanced function)

Hardware Config and Selection[ | ]

Here you detect any attached gaming hardware (joysticks, controller, throttle, etc.), calibrate them, and configure their axes.

  • Controller -- “Calibrate” allows you to define what the hardware actually sends to the game. The dark arrow represents your controller position (input) and the white arrow represents what is actually sent to the game (output). "Dead Zone," "Zero," and "Sensitivity" control the relationship of the input to the output. For example, if you have a throttle axis that slides from front to back, you can configure the zero point, dead zone, sensitivity, and inverse/normal behavior to make the throttle act as either a “back = 0, forward = full;” “center = 0, forward = full forward, back = full reverse”; or “back = full, forward = 0.” The key here is that the “calibration” in this section is not just calibration, it’s defining how the game “sees” the hardware.
  • Assigned Controllers -- Note that whatever is clicked under this section affects the section below it. When you start mapping controls, be sure that you have first come here and clicked the control you want to map.

Control Set Selection[ | ]

This section is mostly for filtering what controls you’ll map in the final section at the bottom of the screen. The button you click here affects what appears in the “Mappings” section below. For the most part you’ll only need to use these 3 buttons:

  • Flight (basic mode) — Primary flight control axes for translation (forward/back, left/right, thrust) and rotation (pitch, roll, yaw).
  • Actions (basic mode) — Additional flight controls to toggle flaps, Augmented Reality, cargo doors, move the camera, etc.
  • Interfaces — Global menu interaction controls (menu, escape, up, down, left, right, etc) if you want to go completely mouse-free.

Shift Modes and Flight/Actions (add’l Modes) are advanced functions and are covered further down this page.

Mappings[ | ]

Depending on what button you selected above, different FPS functions (“Actions”) are shown here, along with their corresponding Keyboard and Controller mapping.

To map a function, click in the box to its right. If you click on a function that is already mapped, you get a choice to re-map it or erase the mapping. You can invert the operation of a joystick axis here by clicking its little “recycle” icon.

Note that for controllers, axes can be assigned to either a true control axis, or to TWO buttons. For example, if you wan to use the “hat” switch for roll left/right instead of the joystick, you’d map those two buttons in the spaces just below the axis.

Advanced: Control Mode Shifting[ | ]

TODO: Use of Shift Modes and alternate controls.

Short version: When you press and hold a key/button that you define under “Shift Modes”, the game will use whatever mappings you’ve defined in “Add’l Mode 1, 2” instead of using your primary Flight/Action control mappings.

Control Reference[ | ]

Some of the names for FPS functions are currently a bit... creative (my favorite is “interact with object” which actually means “select target in center of the HUD” except when it means "Enter Hangar"). This section is to help you figure out where to find which control based on standard aviation sim meanings.

  • Control = Standard aviation name
  • Found under = "Control Schemes" button under which you'll find this control.
  • FPS Name = What FPS calls the control

Fundamental Flight Controls[ | ]

Control Found Under FPS Name
Pitch axis Flight VTOL and airplane pitch
Roll axis Flight Roll for VTOL and airplane
Yaw axis Flight Yaw in all modes
Throttle axis Flight Engine thrust control in all modes

Systems/Interface Controls[ | ]

Control Found Under FPS Name Notes
Camera tilt axis Actions Vertical camera rotation
Camera pan axis Actions Horizontal camera rotation
Reset camera tilt/pan Actions Reset camera location
Augmented Reality on/off Actions Toggle AR mode
Airbase HUD display on/off Actions On/off augmented reality tags
HUD Weather Info Actions Toggle weather display
HUD on/off Actions Toggle interface display
Map Actions Open/close map
Landing Gear up/down Actions On/off Landing gears
Discharge Battery Actions Charge Dump Like dumping fuel on a conventional aircraft, this reduces weight.
Eject Actions Ship self-destruct

Special Flight Controls[ | ]

Control Found Under FPS Name Notes
Translate forward/backward axis Flight Forward/backward without pitch for VTOL Vertical flight only
Translate left/right axis Flight Translate Left/Right in VTOL mode Vertical flight only
Transition horizontal/vertical flight Actions Toggle Airplane Mode Scarab requires wing upgrade
Airbrake on/off Actions On/off air brakes Horizontal flight only
Flap position axis Actions Flap position Horizontal flight only
Flaps full/off Actions Release/retract flaps Horizontal flight only
Trim auto/manual Actions On/off auto-trimming Horizontal flight only
Trim axis Actions Trims tabs angle Horizontal flight only

Manual trim only

Trim up/down Actions Increase/Decrease trim tabs angle Horizontal flight only

Manual trim only

Zero trim Actions Reset trim tabs angle Horizontal flight only

Manual trim only

Controls Unique to FPS[ | ]

Control Found Under FPS Name Notes
Select Target Ahead (not parked), or

Activate Facility (when parked at a facility)

Actions Interact with object Select Target Ahead is useful for quickly setting a base on your HUD as your Destination.

Activate Facility is for entering the hangar, recharging at a cargo area etc.

Reverse thrust Actions Invert engine thrust
Cargo door open/close Actions Open/close cargo compartment door
Load cargo Actions Pick up an object from the ground to the cargo compartment
Unload cargo Actions Unload an object to the ground from the cargo compartment
Engine off Actions Turn off the engine Reducing the throttle to zero has the same effect.
Roll-into-Yaw axis Flight To the left/to the right for all modes Roll, yaw, and translate left/right are coupled together. Sort of an arcade mode "for turn left/turn right."

Interfaces[ | ]

You can also map up/down/left/right, and select, 2nd select, 3rd select, and exit to different controls. This way you can play FPS without removing your hands from a HOTAS.