Frontier Pilot Simulator Wiki

Descriptions of marker icons are downloaded from the "*.json" files located in the "\Messages".folder. Each file loads an array of descriptions, the file can contain one or more descriptions

The messages are displayed by the corresponding actions (in more detail in the Action Descriptions).

Description structure


   "Name": "ExampleMessage",
   "Type": "Normal",
   "Sound": "ExampleMessageSound",
   "Text": "ExampleMessageText",
   "TextGroup": "ExampleMessageTextGroup",
   "Replies": [ "ExampleMessageReplyYes", "ExampleMessageReplyNo" ],
   "RepliesGroup: [ "FormalMessageReplyYes", "FormalMessageReplyNo" ]
   "LifetimeOverride": 10,


Name - the unique name of the message, on which it can be referenced ..

Type - the message type from the following options: Normal - normal, Important - important.

Sound is the name of the message sound.

Text - the name of the message text key.

TextGroup - (optional) the name of the group of keys for message text (for details, see String group descriptions). If present, the Text parameter is ignored.

Replies - (optional) an array of response key names for the message.

RepliesGroup - (optional) an array of the groups names of response keys to the message (more details in the Description of the group of rows), if the Replies parameter is ignored.

LifetimeOverride - (optional) message lifetime or response time in seconds, in the absence of the calculated value of the sound duration and the number of letters in the text and answers. The total duration of the message's activity consists of the lifetime and the subsequent timeout (defined in GUIDescr.json).