A list of commonly-used FPS and aviation terms and abbreviations.

Format is Term or Abbreviation -- [full term]. Definition.

  • Airplane Mode — See Horizontal Flight
  • AGL — Altitude Above Ground Level. Distance to the ground under the aircraft.
  • AR — Augmented Reality. A HUD view which allows the pilot to see in the dark/through fog and highlights wind and atmospheric hazards.
  • Astlan — The world where the player first arrives in the game. This is where they purchase their CargoShip and begin their delivery career.
  • Base — An “airport” where pilots can land for fuel, repair, upgrades to and purchases of additional CargoShips, load/unload cargo and passengers, and accept/complete missions.
  • CargoShip — The player’s cargo-hauling aircraft.
  • Control Mode — A FPS game mechanic which allows instant reconfiguration of the flight controls functions between three modes: Basic, Mode 1, and Mode 2.
  • Flight Mode — The configuration of the aircraft control surfaces, for either Vertical Flight or Horizontal Flight.
  • FPS — Frontier Pilot Simulator
  • G, G-force — The load force on the aircraft and its cargo from gravity, maneuvering, and ground movement. Too much can cause damage to aircraft and/or cargo.
  • Horizontal Flight — Flight where aircraft lift is provided primarily by airflow over the wings. Also called “airplane flight.”
  • HUD — Heads-Up Display.
  • HOTAS -- Hands On Throttle And Stick.
  • MSL — Altitude above Mean Sea Level. Also called barometric altitude.
  • Powered Lift — Aircraft capable of vertical takeoff/landing and low-speed flight using engine thrust for lift, and using airfoils (wings) for lift during horizontal flight.
  • Profile, Player Profile — Selected from the game’s Main Menu, holds the players settings, preferences, and current saved game.
  • Random Mission — Missions generated by the FPS game economy. Bases will offer/need cargo hauling based at prices determined by supply and demand. Passengers want to get from one base to another.
  • Scripted/Story Mission — Missions created by the Razar s.r.o. team. These missions have specific checkpoints and success conditions.
  • SKI — Solar radiation “weather” that sets an altitude where the aircraft systems begin to take damage from solar radation. Effectively, a maximum altitude. Hypothesized to mean "Seivert-Kosenko Interference" for the discoverers of the effect.
  • STOL — Short Take-Off and Landing
  • Taxi — Aircraft movement on the ground, with the gear in contact with the ground.
  • Thrust Vectoring — Control of the aircraft by tilting the aircraft engines instead of through the use of aerodynamic control surfaces such as ailerons and elevator. Thrust vectoring is what allows Vertical Flight.
  • Translation — Lateral movement (in the forward/backward/left/right directions) without movement in the pitch/roll/yaw axes. Sometimes also called “strafing.”
  • Vertical Flight — Flight where lift is provided primarily by aircraft engines and aircraft control is via Thrust Vectoring. Also called “VTOL flight.”
  • VSI — Vertical Speed Indicator.
  • VTOL Mode — See Vertical Flight
  • VTOL — Vertical Take-Off and Landing
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