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Missions are grouped below by where you can acquire them.

*Note that "Reward" is often a MAXIMUM reward; you could earn less depending on your mission performance (time, G-load imposed on cargo).

Tutorial - Astlan[]

Mission # Internal ID Mission Giver (Contacts) Prerequisite Trigger Starting Location Quick Walkthrough Reward* Notes

Mr. Plam

N/A (game start) Bridgepoint
  1. Fly to ASTLAN-1.
  2. Buy 1x "B2 Rations"
  4. Land, sell 1x "B2 Rations"
Trade profit
2 Paul Zonke Mission 1 Mission 1 success Astlan-Central
  1. Taxi to passenger pickup area
  2. Take off, fly to Nord.
  3. Land at Nord in passenger area.
  4. Let Paul Zonke out.
1500 CR
  1. You may need to refuel at Astlan-Central prior to departing for Nord.
  2. Geysers are a hazard along the direct route.
  3. After you let Paul Zonke out, another passenger may want to get in. Early in the game, it's more profitable to refuse the mission and concentrate on flying cargo.
3 Mr. Plam Mission 2 (?) Call Mr. Palm from Contacts Nord
  1. Pick up cargo "M3 & RO-12(used)"
  2. Fly to Astlan-1 and drop off within 10-minutes time limit
4000 CR
  1. Cargo is marked as "service drones container".
  2. This mission is challenging with a stock Scarab. Landing gear/battery/engine upgrades help.
4 Thomas Gunther Mission 3 ? Port Estel
  1. Pick up "Yuria RC-9 Laboratory"
  2. Drop off cargo at Bora
4000 CR
  1. Cargo is marked as "equipment box"
5 Mr. Plam Mission 3 (?) ? Astlan-1 ?
  1. Pick up "M3 & RO-12(used)"
  2. Drop off cargo on top of the CargoSpaceway freighter docked at ASTLAN-1
2000 CR

Access to Scarab Wing Upgrade

  1. Cargo is marked as "cargo for a CargoSpaceway"
  2. The CargoSpaceway freighter sells the wing upgrade for the Scarab which allows horizontal flight.
6 QuestAstlan_Buy_Wings MCC Player Credits >= 20000 CR automatic when prerequisite met Astlan-1
  1. Buy the "Ox" powered-lift aircraft
Ox aircraft
  1. Total assets includes the value of the player's current ship including upgrades. You may wish to wait until you have slightly MORE than this before you make your purchase to avoid going negative.
  2. When you purchase the Ox, Mr. Palm will mention that it is capable of reaching Raglor for more lucrative trading and missions.
7 MCC Player owns Ox ? Astlan-1
  1. Pick up Isser Shildah
  2. Take off and reach > 60m/s airspeed, > 300m altitude
  3. Transition to horizontal flight.
  4. Fly to Raglor-Transit
  5. Transition to vertical flight.
  6. Land and refuel.
  7. Take off and transition to horizontal flight.
  8. Fly to Nilestar Research
  9. Transition to vertical flight and land.
  10. Drop off Isser Shildah
5000 CR
  1. Astlan-1 to Nilestar Research direct is possible; the refuel at Raglor-Transit is recommended.


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