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FPS tips and tricks from the community to improve your learning or enjoyment.

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Main and Testing Profile[ | ]

Create two profiles. Configure the controls the same for both. (Yes, that’s a pain but it’s worth it later.) Use one profile for your main story playthrough. Use the other for all your flight self-training. Whenever the Razar devs release an update, be sure to try out the update in your training profile so you can get used to the changes before you experience them in your main profile.

Backup Your Profile[ | ]

The FPS Story is somewhat… fragile. If you fail a mission, the game can get in a state where it’s impossible to get the next mission. Sure would be nice if you could go back to a previous stage, huh? With a little preparation, you can.

Your save file is located in

“Your HardDisk” :\Users\ “Your PC username” \AppData\Roaming\Razar\Frontier Pilot Simulator\Saves

Make a backup of this directory regularly, and then if you fail a mission you can go back to your last good save.

Faster Translation (“Strafing”) Controls[ | ]

Alternate control configuration to give more Translation control authority: Setting up controls for a FASTER STRAFE

Dev Mode Console Cheats[ | ]

WARNING: The Console “cheats” can cause GAME SPOILERS at best and BREAK YOUR STORY MISSION LINE at worst. Use them at your own risk. To enable:

  1. From the game Main Menu, select “Settings” then “Workshop”
  2. Developer mode — Enabled
  3. Show game console — Enabled

To activate the console in game, use the tilde/backstroke (~/`) key. Some key commands:

  • ChangeCredits <number> — Set your account balance to <number>
  • ChangeFuel <number> — Adds <number> amount of fuel to your tank.
  • DroneRepair — Fixes your ship and deducts 2000 Credits. Follow up with ChangeCredits 2000 ;-)
  • ShowGameEditor/HideGameEditor — Shows the “quest editor” which can be useful for debugging and learning more about Story Missions.
  • SetWeather <type> — Forces the weather to a certain type. 'SetWeather none' disables weather.