Frontier Pilot Simulator Wiki

Descriptions of marker icons are downloaded from the "WeatherDescr*.json" files located in the "World\Weather".folder. Each file loads an array of descriptions, the file can contain one or more descriptions

The current weather can be selected by the actions of the tasks (more in the Task Descriptions).

Description structure


   "Name": "CalmWeather",
   "WindForce": "PeacefullForceTable",
   "WindLayerForce": "CalmSandwichTable",
   "WindsSchemeName": "CALM_WEATHER",
   "CloudType" : "CalmClouds",
   "SoundWindType": "Calm_wind"


Name - a unique weather name, where you can refer to it.

WindForce is the name of the description of wind power World \ Weather \ WindForce ***. Json

WindLayerForce - name of the layered winds scheme World \ Weather \ WindLayerForceDefault.json

WindsSchemeName - name of the scheme of winds on the map

CloudType - name of the description of clouds and atmospheric effects World \ Weather \ Clouds.json

SoundWindType - the type of sound for winds is described in the sound bank